I am a natural resource economist with a microeconomic foundation influenced by the fields of political economy, geography, and ecology. My overarching research goal is to contribute to the field of natural resource economics through the development of dynamic, bioeconomic models, the implementation of field surveys, and the analysis of empirical data to identify causal mechanisms driving social, economic, and ecological changes and to contribute to policy design and solutions that balance human development with sustainable natural resource use.

My past and present research spans environmental economic methodologies including non-market valuation, bioeconomic modeling, and reduced form analysis of policy interventions. The majority of my work is situated in marine and coastal settings, where the intersections of marine megafauna conservation and extractive uses, such as fisheries and oil and gas exploration along the coast, make for interesting case studies from an economic perspective due to the trade-offs entailed in managing these different uses of resource and biodiversity rich sites.

Since 2013, I am actively involved in research in Argentina, a middle-income developing country that presents an interesting opportunity to study how environmental management occurs in an emerging economy with informal institutions and an incredible wealth of natural resources along its coast. My research initiatives have fomented close collaborations with the fisheries and tourism industries as well as national researchers, which support accessing unique datasets to understand and develop policy solutions to some of Argentina’s most pressing natural resource management challenges.

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My research for academic institutions and NGOs spans North and South America. Below is a map of all the cities and countries I have worked in to conduct research on environmental and natural resource economics and policy.