I am an environmental and natural resource economist who aims to contribute to policy design, evaluation, and solutions through economic analysis and collaboration across public and private sectors and the scientific community.

I am a bilingual communicator, goal-oriented achiever and problem solver, and proficient in data analysis and communication with both public and scientific audiences.

I am passionate about working on applied, interdisciplinary research with an academic institution or an international organization to address resource management challenges in Latin America and the United States.

My current research focuses on how configurations of property rights-based management of natural resources influence economic, social, and ecological outcomes in developing coastal communities.

I am exploring this research question through an in-depth analysis of Argentine fisheries managed under individual and transferable quotas, utilizing quantitative surveys with firms, interviews with policymakers, and government fisheries data to evaluate the economic and distributional outcomes of this management policy on Argentine fisheries communities and understand the underlying mechanisms driving observed outcomes. Through close collaboration with government and industry stakeholders, the results of this research can provide insight on updating and improving this fisheries management policy when it is renewed in five years.